Choosing the services of Ginetti Arredamenti, each manufacturing stage of the production and furnishing of an environment will be entirely managed by our specialized staff. No detail will be left to chance: from design to production to assembly.


Study and idea development

When we start a new project, it is necessary to immediately have a look at the final result, to define its style, the forms and the concepts to be perceived; fundamental elements to make the difference. Creating a human relationship with the customer, be it an architect, designer or creative, allows you to optimize the creative flow.
"To realize an idea one must first empathize with the creator"


Rough drawing

To define the customer's requests and make them consistent with our recommendations, general drawings are made, so as to offer the geometric and formal vision of the final result, these can be developed using CAD, but also freehand.
analyzed any critical issues of the project and resolved on becoming, avoiding design misunderstandings.
"It all starts with a blank sheet and only the stroke of a good hand can really come close to the idea"



Processing of reliefs of the environment are carried out which will accommodate our works through "eidotipi" and sketches on site, with the aid of technological innovation tools such as a 3D laser scanner. Particular more complex details are still analyzed with more manual and traditional tools, to guarantee data as precise as possible.
"The precision in analyzing and detecting a space leads to as much precision in the one with which it will be filled"



We select the best materials, supplied by Italian companies, sector leaders. Then a customized sampling of the surfaces is carried out with painting. Varnishing and finishing, until reaching the visual, material and qualitative effect required by the customer.
"the aesthetic qualities of a material are not an exact science, but only experienced and trained eyes and hands can recognize them"


Executive draw

Our specialized designers are in charge of developing the executive technical drawing. In this phase we are able to produce a complete document with all the indications and constructive details to the truth. All the necessary information will be provided to the various artisans, who will produce the works with precise and accurate instructions.
"Because the care and beauty of the detail begins with a millimeter drawn down on the computer and then zoomed to see it better "



The construction of the manufacts is commissioned in the workshops of our expert artisans. Each process is hand-made, with the care and quality we have always demanded, assisted by the support of our technical department.
"What is done by hand will bring with it a beauty and perfection that a machine can never reach"


Quality check

The finished and assembled objects are carefully analyzed within our warehouses. When quality has been checked and certified, the materials are shipped directly from our warehouses. This phase allows us to verify the conformity of the drawings and guarantee the best possible quality, typical of Made in Italy.
"In a lack is all the difference between a quality job or not"


Transport and assembly

We protect all our customers with deliveries managed by our warehouses, together with certified partner companies. We monitor shipments to the final destination, coordinating all the needs of the arrival point. Our skilled workers are in charge of the installation of the furnishings, with all the due care, attention and refinements, so that the objects fit perfectly in the environments that will welcome them.
"You have to leave the room with the feeling that everything was born this way"