Logo Ginetti

A craft born from childhood

Fabric remnants, sewing machines, sofa frames are home to those who were practically born and raised in an upholstery shop. Those who, as a child, used to have fun hammering a few nails into a sofa frame that their parents had assembled the previous night. Those same people, once they grew up, could really value this profession, that is so multifaceted you never stop learning.

Attention to detail

Both when performing restoration works and when realizing new products, upholsterers deal with customers who really value the quality of details and of manufacturing.

The prestige of craftsmanship

Keeping each phase of manufacturing on an artisan level is the only way to make the difference.

We take care of each and every detail, inch by inch”

Massimo, Upholsterer. In Ginetti, he is in charge of the production of sofas, armchairs, beds and curtains of varied typologies.