Creating a home around the customer” like a bespoke suit, absolutely exclusive and elegant.

This is the philosophy of Ginetti Arredamenti, inherited from Ginetti Serafino, founded in the 1920s and now in its fourth generation.

Furniture solutions, which through the knowledge and culture of both modern and classic forms, want to satisfy the desires of those who appreciate the traditions of the past and contemporary refinement.

Ginetti is a leading company in the field of custom-made furniture, which combines the precise work of artisans with the most advanced technological designs.

Thanks to the work of a highly specialized team of designers, interior designers, artisans and assemblers, periodically updated on new trends in the sector, the company guarantees its customers the best solutions for all their furnishing needs, all with a soul shaped by Italian tradition and know-how.

The wide range of materials, products, finishes and decorations are typical of the vast samples of selected companies of the “Made in Italy” and by choosing Ginetti you have the best choice of traditional Tuscan style and quality.

Our knowledge of materials, the excellence of our artisans, the great attention to detail and the constant search for excellence make Ginetti a sartorial interior decorator.

The Sawmill

With the name "Segheria" Serafino Ginetti gives life to the first company: in the shop on the ground floor of the house he works as a carpenter, together with the first apprentices and the presence of a blacksmith.


The second generation

The second generation led by his sons Alfeo and Alfano lived the years of the so-called Italian economic miracle: the company started its expansion and got specialized in the construction of windows and doors obtaining large contracts. Ginetti was in charge of "closing" the buildings with their windows and securing large buildings, such as banks and hospitals but also apartment buildings and offices. Valuable fixtures and furnishings have always been our trademark.


The branch in Rome

Thanks to the excellent contractual links with Roman companies he decided to open a branch in Rome, further expanding the know-how and quality of Ginetti.


Collaboration for the Palazzo Salimbeni

The architect Spadolini was commissioned to design the new Monte dei Paschi di Siena headquarters: Palazzo Salimbeni. The partnership with Ginetti Arredamenti was born, designing the ceiling of the Sala San Donato, in addition to the main staircase of the building, which became the time cult object for contemporary architecture.


Ginetti S. & Co.

From Fabio and Serafino, Alfano's sons, Ginetti S. & Co. is founded which, thanks to the network of Architects and Designers that it surrounds, makes a strategic change to face the economic crisis, investing in quality (a to the detriment of industrial quantities) and to pure craftsmanship, bringing their work to a high target for smaller but more prestigious buildings such as villas, boutiques, hotels and shops. It is the generation that is best able to export Italian and local craftsmanship thanks to the strength of its technical office, enriched by architects and designers, able to create an essential link between customer and craftsman.


Best Boutique Hotel in the world

The JK Place of Capri commissions the supply of the furniture to Ginetti. It succeeds in winning the prestigious award of Travel + Living as the Best Boutique Hotel in the world.


Alberto and Giovanni

It is the year of Alberto and Giovanni who still run the design studio. With the values and knowledge of past generations firmly rooted in them, they keep a watchful eye on the present and face the future. Innovation, conscious of past values, is well mixed with tradition and qualities acquired in almost a century of activity. The new mission? Promote one of Italy's most precious assets: made in Italy craftsmanship.


Interested in something specific?

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